Las 200 mejores canciones que he escuchado nunca

1. Bizitza-Karratua borobila da

2. Atom Heart Mother-Pink Floyd

3. California dreaming-The Mamas & the Papas

4. Stand by me-Ben E. King

5. Where is My Mind-Pixies

6. El infierno es demasiado dulce-Eskorbuto

7. Layla-Erick Clapton

8. What a Wonderful World-Louis Armstrong

9. Moonage Daydream-David Bowie

10. Zurekin-Izate

11. Can´t Stop-Red Hot Chili Peppers

12. Cerebros destruidos-Eskorbuto

13. In The End-Linkin Park

14. Shine On You Crazy Diamond (part 1 and 2)-Pink Floyd

15. Eroaldia (bat eta bi)-Beti Mugan

16. In a Sentimental Mood-John Coltrane

17. En Las Montañas De La Locura-Vómito

18. Dudak-Izate

19. Denak balio du-Karratua borobila da

20. Wonderwall-Oasis


21. The Great Gig in The Sky-Pink Floyd

22. The Song´s Remain´s The Same-Led Zeppelin

23. Banoa-Izate

24. Concerning Hobbits-Howard Shore

25. En la luna-Eskorbuto

26. Time-Pink Floyd

27. Colgado Por Ti-Cicatriz

28. Hain Gertu-Antton

29. Piece Of My Heart-Janis Joplin

30. Aerials-System Of A Down


31.Killing In The Name Of-Rage Against The Machine

32.Welcome To The Jungle-Guns N Roses

33.. Dancing Queen-ABBA

34. Babel dorrea-Izate

35. The End-The Doors

36. Bitter Sweet Symphony-The Verve

37. Stan-Eminem

38. Dark Star-Grateful Dead

39. Sentipenen bihotza-EH Sukarra

40. Hey Jony-Sonic Youth


41. Si Todo Acaba-Stoned Atmosphere

42. Rock In The Casbah-The Clash

43. Call On Me-Janis Joplin

44. Hot Dog-Limp Bizkit

45. Could You Be Loved-Bob Marley

46. Escapando De La Jaula-Vómito

47. Californication-Red Hot Chili Peppers

48. Baba O´Riley-The Who

49. Crostown Traffic-Jimmy Hendrix

50. Five Years-David Bowie


51. When The Leeve Breaks-Led Zeppelin

52. Pornography-Beti Mugan

53. Nowhere to Run-Arnold McCuller

54. Another Brick In The Wall (part 2)-Pink Floyd

55. Daddy Cool-Boney M.

56. Manifiesto-Víctor Jara

57. Break On Through-The Doors

58. Heroes-David Bowie

59. I Wanna Be Your Dog-Iggy Pop

60. Don´t You-Simple Minds


61. Atrapados Por el Síndrome de Peter Pan-Beti Mugan

62. Cuidado-Eskorbuto

63. By This Riber-Brian Eno

64. We´ll Meet Again-Vera Lynn

65. Whatever-Oasis

66. Touch Me-The Doors

67. The Weights-The Band

68. All Along The Wachtower-Jimmy Hendrix

69. Numb-Linkin Park

70. Toxicity-System Of A Down


71. Moztu ilea-Beti Mugan

72. By The Way-Red Hot Chili Peppers

73. Lost In Hollywood-System Of A Down

74. Capitán-Kronstadt

75. Dazed And Confused-Led Zeppelin

76. Take Me Out-Franz Ferdinand

77. Blitzkrieg Bop-The Ramones

78. May It Be-Enya

79. Amaiur-Exkixu

80. Hondartz Baten Neguan Bezala-Igor Arzuaga


81. Las Mas Macabras de las Vidas-Eskorbuto

82. Won´t Get Fooled Again-The Who

83. My Way-Limp Bizkit

84. Monday-Ludovico Einaudi

85. I Heard It Throught the Grapevine-Marvin Gaye

86. Zure kontra-Beti Mugan

87. EH Sukarra-EH Sukarra

88. The Passenger-Iggy Pop

89. No Woman No Cry-Bob Marley

90. Somebody To Love-Jefferson Airplane


91. Kothbiro-Ayub Ogada

92.The Way I Am-Eminem

93. Hotel California-Eagles

94. Comfortably Numb-Pink Floyd

95. Satellite of love-Lou Reed

96. Light My Fire-The Doors

97. Heroin-The Velvet Underground

98. Gimme Shelter-Rolling Stones

99. Ley De Vida-Vómito

100. I`ll Be Your Mirror-The Velvet Underground


101. For What it´s Worth-Buffalo Springfield

102. Bad Day-REM

103. Knocking On The Heavens Door-Bob Dylan

104. Surfing Bird-The Trashmen

105. Maybe-Janis Joplin

106. Bring me to life-Evanescense

107. Hey Jude-The Beatles

108. Brandenburg-Beirut

109. Así es la Vida-Canteca de Macao

110. Hit Em Up-2Pac


111. Alive-Pearl Jam

112. End Of The World-Skeeter Davies

113. In The Evening-Led Zeppelin

114. Message In a Bottle-The Police

115. Loosing My Religion-REM

116. This is not a Promo-Stoned Atmosphere

117. Riders On The Storm-The Doors

118. Garaien laberintoan-EH Sukarra

119. Sweet Child O´Mine-Guns N Roses

120. Love´ll Tear Us Apart-Joy Division


121. These boots Were Made For Walking-Nancy Sinatra

122. Get Down Tonight-KC And The Sunshine Band

123. Heart Of Glas-Blondie

124. Somewhere I Belong-Linkin Park

125. Perfect day-Lou Reed

126. Gouge Away-Pixies

127. Gaztetxeak-Izate

128. Starway To Heaven-Led Zeppelin

129. Going Home-Dire Straits

130 White Rabbit-Jefferson Airplane


131. Don´t Worry Be Happy-Bob Marley

132. Rhineland-Beirut

133. Purple Haze-Jimmy Hendrix

134. Teen Age Riot-Sonic Youth

135. Star-David Bowie

136. Cosas de la vida-Eskorbuto

137. See Emily Play-Pink Floyd

138. My Generation-The Who

139. Kool Thing-Sonic Youth

140. Tout Ce Qu´Ils Veulent-Dub Incorporation


141. Blue in green-Miles Davis

142. People Are Strange-The Doors

143. Ya no quedan más cojones, eskorbuto a las elecciones-Eskorbuto

144. Patria Sin Sol-Stoned Atmosphere

145. You Said-The Horrors

146. Question-System Of A Down

147. Power Of Equality-Red Hot Chili Peppers

148. Anvil of Crom-Basil Poledouris

149. Heart Full Of Pride-Perkele

150. Enamorado de la Muerte-RIP


151. …-Folie Á Trois

152. Te Recuerdo Amanda-Víctor Jara

153. Everibody is Talkin-Harry Nilssen

154. Monkey Man-Rolling Stones

155. Tunic-Sonic Youth

156. Atomic-Blondie

157. Resiste la Pesadilla-Subversión X

158. Forest-System Of A Down

159. We Used To Be Friends-Dandy Warhols

160. Orratzaren gaua-EH Sukarra


161. Fuck Furcias-Cicatriz

162. Oye Primo-Folie Á Trois

163. Close To The Edge-Yes

164. Galvanize-The Chemical Brothers

165. Gracias-Kronstadt

166. Hey You-Pink Floyd

167. In Bloom-Nirvana

168. Música-Canteca de Macao

169. The Fallen-Franz Ferdinand

170. Izarren Hautsa-Mikel laboa


171. Rock & Roll de Cicatriz-Cicatriz

172. Aurkitu zintudan-Exkixu

173. Strange Days-The Doors

174. Txampon beraren bi aldeak-Karratua borobila da

175. My Baby-Janis Joplin

176. Paranoid-Black Sabbath

177. Don´t Worry-Cicatriz

178. Anarchy In The UK-Sex Pistols

179. Schwarzwald-Igor Arzuaga

180. Alkondarie-Gatibu


181. Vacío-Folie Á Trois

182. After Laughter-Wendy Rene

183. Start Today-Gorilla Biscuits

184. London Calling-The Clash

185. Promesses Bla Bla-Ticken Jah Facoly

186. Cantalojas-Platero y Tu

187. I Can See Through You-The Horrors

188. Life On Mars-David Bowie

189. St. Anger-Metallica

190. No Future, No Hope-Defiance


191. Been Caught Stealing-Jane´s Addiction

192. Crazy-Patsy Cline

193. Hero-Nickelback

194. Mr. Sandman-The Chordettes

195. Hip To Be Square-Huye Lewis and The News

196. My Way-Frank Sinatra

197. Girl You´ll Be A Woman Soon-Urge Overkill

198. She´s Like A Rainbow-Rolling Stones

199. Hommes et femmes de colour-Esne Beltza

200. Marooned-Pink Floyd



About Ander Urkijo

"Si la libertad significa algo, será, sobre todo, el derecho a decirle a la gente aquello que no quiere oír."

4 responses to “Las 200 mejores canciones que he escuchado nunca”

  1. Oscar says :

    Quiero escuchar la primera! Pero no la encuentro en ningún lado… Por otro lado, hay algún que otro error entre autor-canción bastante frecuente en algún caso, pero, muy acertada, desde luego!

  2. Oscar says :

    Ahora, lo que más me ha sorprendido ha sido encontrar Perkele, The Chordettes, Pixies, SOAD y Esne Beltza!


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